Atelier Series

RGH is proud to offer four new products in our ongoing Atelier Series. Historical methods were used in the production of these oils. Because these oils have had their mucilage and other impurities extracted from them by hand they will be the least yellowing of any whites  being offered commercially at the present time. They will also dry quicker though no dryers have been used and they will have a strong surface. No heat or chemicals were used in extracting these impurities. Just water, diamataceous earth, light, and a whole lot of physical labor.

  1. Cremnitz White made in handwashed clarified cold-pressed linseed oil.
  2. Cremnitz White made in handwashed clarified cold-pressed walnut oil.
  3. Titanium White made in handwashed clarified cold-pressed linseed oil.
  4. Titanium White made in handwashed clarified cold-preseed walnut oil.

We believe that these are the only white artists' oil paints on the market today made with premium oils such as these, and that you will not find comparable products on the market anywhere else.


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Cremnitz White

Basic Lead Carbonate


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Titanium White

Titanium Dioxide